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Welcome to Wolfgang's Massage & Bodywork !

We are a therapeutic massage clinic located in South Central Edmonton providing the knowledge and benefits of registered massage therapists (RMT).

Years of experience, extensive continued training, and customized treatments make us an easy choice for your massage needs.

A quick and easy, 24/7 on-line booking, a relaxing atmosphere and convenient parking are added  benefits.

massage therapy modalities

Committed to helping our clients live their lives to the

fullest through customized massage therapy treatments.

We can help with many conditions and help to reduce pain such as :

  • bad posture or  alignment issues

  • Vehicle Accidents or Falls

  • Neck or Jaw pain

  • Shoulder and Arm issues

  • Lower Back pain

  • Hips or Legs​ acting up?

  • Headaches / Migraines

  • Numbness or Tingling in limbs

  • tight shoulders from Stress

  • Sciatica

  • Wrye Neck (kincked neck)

  • Fibromyalgia 

  • Carpal Tunnel

  • ....

or if you have issues with Indigestion, Cramps, Fatigue, Anxiety, Depression​​, PTSD,...

- then come and experience us how massage therapy can help you!   


Save $$$ on massages !

"I have been going to Wolfgang for years and he has been doing a tremendous job in helping me with everything from muscle aches to injury recovery. He really takes the time to listen and design a customized treatment program. I dance 4 days a week and having an amazing massage therapist has helped me maintain the overall health of my body.

Highly recommended!"

                                                         David S.

Testimonials :

"Wolfgang is such a talented and knowledgeable therapist. He is very concerned about his clients well being and ensuring they don't just feel better but suggests accompanying treatments so they can heal. I've been seeing him 3+ years and would never dream of going anywhere else."

                                                       Pamela G.

Massage packages and Gift Certificates:

To make more of your benefits we do have several massage- packages in place in our Gift Certificate section in the online-booking system. You can buy those either for yourself or give them as a much appreciated gift to friends and family.

Depending on the certificate you can save up to $ 75!

Referral Program:
We have a easy and effective way to save money, and even get free massages? With each referral you can save $$$
Why not share your experience with your family, friends and  co-workers?  Click here to learn more

Booking Changes

Please note that certain space- and time-requirements apply for mobile services:

  • minimum of one 60-minute massage client at location

  • multiple clients at one location require back to back booking through me (due to necessary travel time setup in my booking system, can be done by text or e-mail to me)

  • located within south-central Edmonton  (City limits, south of the River ), if you are outside this area or outside the City-limits please contact me and inquire for availability.

  • easy access and parking (no paid parking, walking distance of 50 m or less)

  • clean and safe access (winter is coming…)

  • maximum one flight of stairs up or down

  • minimum space requirement for me & massage table 8x10 feet of free floorspace (the size of the carpet in my current room), this is non-negotiable, space has to be ready at my arrival

  • quiet, undisturbed environment, ideally dampened lights/curtains (e.g. spare bedroom, developed basement,…)

  • possibility for me to leave the room/wait outside the room while client gets on table

  • I do have mild allergies/sensitivities to some dogs, if you have one we have to play it by ‘nose’

  • I reserve the right to accept or refuse a location based on my judgement and the criteria above, the automated online booking confirmation is not final until confirmed by me (separate e-mail)

Self Booking

chose your own date and time, please note the requirements and restrictions in the left column!

To book two or more people please send me a message via the email below this window

Booking for two or other questions?

Please state your full name and contact info and the date, time, number and names of people and the length of the massages you wish to book. 

Please note: new clients cannot be booked into my scheduling system without their complete contact info (full name, phone number e-mail address)

Please send me a short email here explaining your request or question

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