Hello and thank you for visiting my 'About" section
where I will quickly introduce myself to you.
My name is Wolfgang and I am a fully certified, licensed and insured     
RMT (registered massage-therapist) in  Edmonton since 2010. 
I specialize in therapeutic massages using many different techniques,   
including deep tissue work, myofascial release, visceral and neural
manipulation and cranio-sacral therapy to name just a few, to achieve      
the best results for my clients.
But don't get me wrong- I also like to give relaxation massages to help relieving stress or spoil my clients with Thai Hot Stem Massages (TM).
I am a NHPC-member (Natural Health Practitioners of Canada)  and also member of the  IAHE (International Alliance of Healthcare Educators). Due to my NHPC-registration I am a 'Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) and can issue insurance-receipts so that my clients can get re-reimbursed from their benefit-plans.
​Before becoming a RMT, I was an award-winning landscape designer in Alberta. But, as much as I liked the creativity and technical challenges, it was also very stressful, and after a few years my body became very angry with me.
I realized  I'd have to change something in my life.....and here I am.
...and I am loving it ever since I started. I had the chance to gain lots of  experience and insight at a Spa in Edmonton where i worked for roughly 5 years providing close to 5000 relaxation and therapeutic massages.
During this time I had a chance to work with many wonderful clients and learned about what clients' expectations are and how modern life and stress can take a toll on a body.
Now, being on my own I want to take what I learned - and still learn - and put it to good use.
I've taken numerous courses since graduating from massage college (see below) and keep learning and take various continuing education courses every year.
Some of the continued education courses (CE's) I have successfully taken:

Visceral Manipulation 3, The Pelvis

February 2017, Edmonton
Barral Institute Florida
Certification VM3

Neural Manipulation 2, Peripheral Nerves, Upper Body

May 2016, Vancouver

Barral Institute Florida

Certification NM2

Visceral Manipulation 2 Abdomen 2

March 2016, Edmonton

Barral Institute, Florida

Certification VM2

Neuro-Meningeal Manipulation 1, Whiplash

January 2016, Edmonton

NM1 is a specialized course focusing on the impact of trauma and whiplash

Barral Institute NM1

Craniosacral Therapy 1

October 2015, Edmonton

Upledger Institute Florida

Certification CS 1  


Visceral Manipulation 1, Abdomen 1  

September 2014, Edmonton

Barral Institute Florida

Certification VM 1


Foot Reflexology 1,  

March 2014, Vancouver

Pacific Institute of Reflexology

Vancouver, Canada


Fascia-Lecture and workshop with Dr. Robert Schleip,

April 2012,Edmonton

NHPC (Natural Health Practitioners of Canada)


Advanced Myoskeletal Therapy,

April 2011, online exam

Freedom of Pain Institute/Erik Dalton PhD., Oklahoma City

certification: Advanced Myoskeletal Therapist


Massage Cupping / Myofascial Cupping

February 2010, Edmonton

Natural Health Practitioners of Canada/ Steve Sheehan

Myofascial (Western) Cupping course, Certificate of Achievement


Thai Hot Stem Massage Certification™

October 2009, Calgary

Whole Body Healing, Barrie, Ontario

Certification Class


Integrative Fascial Release

October 2009, Edmonton

Natural Health Practitioners of Canada/Steven Goldstein

Fascial Release Techniques Course, Certificate of Achievement


Aromatherapy 101,

December 2008

West Coast College of Aromatherapy, Victoria, British Columbia

Aromatherapy distance course


...and many more self-study books DVD's and on-line courses....


Therapeutic bodywork (including deep tissue, myofascial release, neural and visceral manipulation, cranio-sacral therapy, TMJ-work,..) provides both - challenge and gratification when I am able to help my clients alleviate pain, set them straight or simply get rid of a headache.
If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me and I will try to do the best I can to answer them.
Hope to see you soon!
massage therapist

Me and Dr. R. Schleip (leading Fascia-researcher) during a course I took with him. What are we holding there? Come and ask me - you can also have a look at my Tensegrity model there and get a better understanding about your own body!