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FAQ and miscellaneous about massage therapy, appointments and procedures

Do you have to fill out an intake form?

Yes. As massage therapist I am a health care provider and I am required to keep notes about our treatment sessions with clients. A properly filled out form also helps me to determine which type of massage is the best for you and keep your treatments effective and safe.

These notes are sometimes requested by third parties e.g. lawyers or insurances to provide information about treatments after accidents. This information is only released to third parties after I receive a release form signed by my client.

Intake forms are to be filled out by the client before the first massage and I will ask you to review them once a year to keep everything up to date.

Accepted payment forms?

Currently we accept cash or e-mail transfer* in that preferred order to keep my and your cost low. You can also chose pre-pay appointments during the online booking with a credit card.

* first time clients will be asked to use cash, debit or credit card

Can you get an Insurance/benefit receipt?

Yes, you can, an insurance receipt is automatically issued after the massage and sent to you by e-mail (as a pdf-file).

Is direct billing available?
With the receipt I will provide you It will be no problem for you to submit your receipt to your insurance company but I do not offer direct-billing.
Cancellation policy 

I will consider one ‘no-show’ a year per client or less than 24-hr cancellation or less than 24-hr-re-book as ‘life happens’ and you can re-book without being charged. For any no-show after that, or cancellation with less than 24 hrs notice, I will charge the full amount.

What to expect?

Any treatment is assigned a specific time slot (e.g. 60 minutes for a 60-min massage ), this timeslot is reserved for your appointment which includes a  intake talk, assessment if necessary, your change-time (to get comfortably on the table) and the treatment.

Generally, massage treatments with me may include different techniques from (Swedish) relaxation, deep tissue, neural and visceral manipulation, myofascial release, myofascial cupping (no hickies!), cranio-sacral therapy and other techniques.


I you are not sure what is the right thing for you please drop me a line and ask or call me and we will figure it out together.

​​What to bring?

For some of my work (e.g. myofascial release, visceral and neural manipulation), I recommend to wear sportswear (shorts and sports bra if applicable) or decent underwear. This will be discussed specifically with you when we discuss what kind of bodywork is the best for your specific case. But it might be a good idea to have that clothing option available anyway.

How much pressure is going to be used?

As much as needed. I am not a fan of the words’ go as hard as you can’ – because I never needed too. But, as mentioned before, communication is key. If something is uncomfortable or even hurts or my touch is too light - I want you to tell me right away. Going too hard can not only be painful (for both of us) but also is usually counterproductive as muscles may go into protective spasm.

What happens to your personal/private information?

It is securely stored (offline), and only used for my own business purposes (keep in touch with you and inform you about promotions or holidays) and is not shared with or sold to anyone else.

You had an accident or surgery 20 years ago -do you still need to mention that?

Yes, please. Even old injuries can impact your health and well-being in ways you don’t notice anymore because you’ve gotten used to it. If not sure if something is relevant or not please let me know and I will determine the relevance of the information to our treatments.

You had abdominal surgery – do you really need to tell me about that?

For your own benefit- yes. I integrate visceral and neural manipulation regularly into my work as I see it fit and the more information I have about you the better and more efficient I can help you.

 As an example: a removed gallbladder leaves very small scares on the outside of your body but there can be changes to tension levels and functionality to the liver or other inner organs thus interfering with the functionality of said organs and it can also effect your right shoulder!

A removed uterus or a C-section can indirectly lead to lower back pain even years after the surgery and a broken or bruised tailbone may lead to headaches or migraines years and years after the incident….

So yes please mention those things – your information will be kept confidential!

​You had an accident/fall – what now?

Massage comes generally after the primary healthcare providers (ambulance, ER, GP) check you out and give the ‘all clear’ that you are ok on your own.

Generally speaking, I will ask you to wait a minimum of 72hrs before booking with me for a massage. Why? During an accident or fall your body may get into a 'shock' and your pain-perception might be majorly off.

I had it happen more then once that clients came in, stating they had an accident earlier that day and wanted a massage. After making sure they have been checked out by a physician or chiropractor, I usually explain about shock, nervous system, delayed onset of pain and so on and recommend to rebook in a few days.

When I followed up with those clients it was almost always the same pattern (unfortunately): even after feeling fine-ish initially, the day after or a couple days after the accident my clients felt on average significantly more pain, discomfort and stiffness then on the day of the accident.

If you went to a ER you might not hear about those things, as their focus is on immediate danger to your life, a stiff neck or similar soft tissue injuries will most likely be referred to physicians or other similar care.

There is a lot happening after an accident in your body and mind and I want to make sure you get the best treatment available for you when it is safe and appropriate!

Every accident is different and so every treatment/recovery plan is different. From past experience I can say that there is no safe way of predicting how many treatments it takes or how long it will be until you feel better. A lot depends on the accident itself, the co-operation between your healthcare-team (it should really be teamwork - different modalities working together with you - not everyone doing 'their own thing'), on the client’s efforts to keep up with remedial exercises given and many more factors.

Anything else? – please feel free to ask me!