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Change is coming

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For the last two years we have been providing services to clients out of a licensed, private home in the Avonmore community south of Bonnie Doon. While this has been a good time and has served the purpose, we feel that changes were needed.

We sent out a customer-survey in October which confirmed some of our thoughts but also brought some new and interesting aspects to our attention.

We went through the results of the survey and together with other developments in our lives (photography business needs) we decided that we need a change to accommodate the needs of both businesses and their clients better. Not to forget to make it a bit easier for ourselves too ;-)

Currently we are looking into finding a new space (close to main-arterial roads, probably a bit further south). The new space will accommodate Wolfgang's Massage and Bodywork Inc. as well as a studio space for our photography businesses Julie and Wolfgang Photography ( www.julieandwolfgang.com ) and JaW Nature Photography Ltd. (www.jawnaturephotos.com ).

Current clients will be updated via e-mail automatically, if you are new and interested in one of our services please contact us through the contact pages on our websites.

thank you for taking the time to read this and have a low-stress pre-holiday time



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