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It's been a long winter here in #Edmonton and finally it looks like there is a chance for #Spring. Hoooray! Yes? Of course after what feels like a year of winter temperatures are supposed to rise, grass to become green, trees to bud and first flowers to bloom. Everything is getting ready - are you?

Winter is usually not the time to be running around too much unless you are an outdoor enthusiast or a dedicated gym-member. If neither is true for you, then there is a chance that you and your body will disagree about getting out and move around.

Low back pain and kinked necks are on the rise already.

If you want to avoid these uncomfortable conditions, spring into action ( ...I thought that was funny... ) and start stretching and strengthening as soon as possible BUT please start slowly. You can't get from winter-body to beach-body in a couple of weeks.

Consistency is key.

Every week increase your workout and stretching just a little bit, don't double it. Increasing workouts and activities too fast leaves your body unprepared and your body-brain connection overwhelmed. Injuries are often seen in people not listening to their bodies and meaning too well too fast.

If you are reading this you are probably a client of mine and know that there are some awesome workout-sample-videos and yoga-routines from youtube linked on my site #wolfgangsmassage. If you forgot the password just 'feelgood' about it and maybe that does it :-)

And of course last but not least #massage . Regular massages can help with your #alignment, #muscle-tone and #wellbeing. As mentioned to you before i do recommend an #appointment every 4-6 weeks for maintenance

hope you to see you all soon



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