Referral program:

Save some $$ or get some extra massage time!!
When you refer someone to me everyone benefits:
You, as the person referring a new client to me, get either
$10 off each of your next 2 massages ($20 in total) after
the referred new client had their appointment,
Get an extra 15 minutes ($22.50 value) added to your next
massage after the referred new client had their appointment,
the new client gets $10 off their first appointment (no matter how long the booking is for)
Plus both off you get awesome massages with me!
New clients need to mention who referred them to me at our first appointment.
But don’t stop there:
With your 3rd new referral, you get an entire 60 minute massage free.
Free massage redeemable after the 3rd referral had their appointment.
Each of the new clients you refer gets still their $10 off welcome as well.
Keep referring and we start all over...
Referral bonuses can only be redeemed described in the ways above, rebates or time cannot be passed on to anyone else. No cash value.
referals safe money


12 Month Challenge:


to encourage healthier living including regular massages, I will give you one 1-hour massage free IF you come for 10 massages within 12 consecutive calendar months. Those massages can be any length and can be regular paid, through purchased massage packages or Flex-Minutes.

Easy and straight forward rules:

  • no cash value,

  • not transferable to another person,

  • massage must be booked within 3 months after the 10th massage is received within the 12-month window and you have been notified by e-mail or text message,

  • no insurance receipt will be given for the free massage,

one free 1-hour massage per 12-month period